The best LED light company, top 10 lighting companies in china

Who is the best LED light company? Let me introduce you to top 10 lighting companies in china.

China is the world’s largest producer of LED lighting products, consumer countries and exporting countries. The penetration rate of LED lighting market will continue to increase. It is estimated that China’s LED general lighting market will reach 445.2 billion yuan by 2020 (please click to read China LED lighting market forecast) , I believe that in the future, there will be more and better LED lighting companies in China.



Philips (China) Investment Co., Ltd., top ten brands of lighting fixtures, top ten brands of electrical appliances – home appliances, top ten LCD TV brands, China famous brand, world famous brand, established in 1891, one of the world’s most valuable brands, global lighting A leading manufacturer in the field.

As a global leader in the lighting industry, Philips is working hard to transform the entire society into energy efficient solutions. Since lighting uses 19% of the world’s total electricity consumption, the use of energy efficient lighting will greatly reduce global energy consumption and reduce harmful carbon dioxide emissions. Philips offers advanced energy efficient lighting solutions for all areas including roads, offices, industrial, entertainment and home lighting. In addition to being energy efficient, Philips continues to offer revolutionary lighting solutions with more advantages. The Philips Lighting Division has approximately 59,000 employees worldwide.


Osram is one of the world’s first lighting companies and one of the world’s leading manufacturers of lighting fixtures, a subsidiary of Siemens.

For more than 100 years, OSRAM has been known for its outstanding lighting products. Osram is headquartered in Munich, Germany and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Siemens. In fiscal year 2007 (as of September 30, 2007), OSRAM’s global sales reached 4.7 billion euros.

Osram’s customers are located in nearly 150 countries and regions around the world, with a number of leading patents. The company employs nearly 8,000 people in China. Among them, Osram (China) Lighting Co., Ltd. was established in 1995. The company has about 3,500 employees and 40 sales offices across the country.

OSRAM’s lighting products cover more than 5,000 varieties. As of September 30, 2007, OSRAM Group’s global sales have reached 4.7 billion euros, of which 88% are from countries outside Germany, and about 60% of sales come from Energy-saving products. Osram employs more than 41,000 people worldwide, supplies products to customers in around 150 countries and has 48 production sites in 17 countries.



Foshan Electrical and Lighting Co., Ltd. is a state-owned enterprise established in 1958. In October 1992, it was reorganized into the first joint-stock enterprise in Foshan.

The company has obtained 105 patents authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office. 25 of the automotive light bulbs have been certified by the European EMark. In 1999, they passed the ISO9002 international quality system certification. In 2003, they passed the ISO9001:2000 international quality system conversion. Approved as a high-tech enterprise in Guangdong Province in 2001, the company’s four brands of compact energy-saving lights, T8 fluorescent lights, general foam, and lights are approved by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine as national inspection-free products, and the company’s green energy-saving products. Obtained the national energy-saving product certification, and was approved by the Ministry of Finance and the National Development and Reform Commission to be included in the “Government Procurement List of Energy-Saving Products” as a compulsory procurement catalogue product.

From 1999 to 2006, the company completed annual profits and taxes of more than 200 million yuan, of which four years were the first taxpayer in Foshan City. At present, the company’s total assets are 2.9 billion yuan and its net assets are 2.8 billion yuan. In the securities market, Foshan Lighting, as a listed company with A and B shares, has been listed for 15 years, regulates management, operates steadily, treats shareholders in good faith, insists on high returns to investors every year, and is deeply supported by the securities regulatory authorities and the majority of investors. The praise of the people.


OPPLE Lighting Electric (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd., established in August 1996, is a comprehensive lighting enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. It has more than 6,000 employees and currently has Shanghai headquarters, Zhongshan Industrial Park and Wujiang Industry. Parks, Iran and other production bases at home and abroad.

Op Lighting has a strong marketing team and a comprehensive domestic and international marketing network. At present, there are 36 branches/offices, more than 3,000 brand stores, more than 5,000 home lighting professional outlets, more than 3,000 supermarket outlets and more than 500 commercial lighting professional outlets, covering 95% of the county level. At the same time, the products are sold to more than 50 countries and regions in the world, with offices in Europe, the Middle East, South America, South Asia, Southeast Asia, etc. The overseas business own brands account for more than 70%.



TONGFANG LIGHTING is committed to the strength and experience of leading companies, demonstrating the vitality and responsiveness of new businesses, and has earned a reputation in the industry for innovation, quality, outstanding service and outstanding LED applications. Today, Guangdong Tongfang Lighting Co., Ltd. has become one of the leading manufacturers of high-end LED application products.

TONGFANG LIGHTING has a 13,000 square meter R&D, production base and 450 employees. The main products include: LED lighting, light source, display and lighting devices, which can fully meet the requirements of indoor lighting, commercial lighting, landscape lighting, road lighting, signage and display.

ONGFANG LIGHTING has an excellent distribution system, rich research and development and application resources, with innovative technology and solutions, a sound service system, a caring spirit of brand service, and a consumer-oriented brand. At present, ONGFANG LIGHTING is providing products and services to more than 100 customers worldwide, including many top OEMs at home and abroad.

Adhering to the “technology leadership, customer first, integrity and pragmatic, service first” is our aim, products focus on technical content, quality and user needs, to provide users with a full range of service guarantee from design, production to after-sales.

NVC Lighting Technology Corporation


For more than 10 years, NVC Lighting has maintained a high-speed growth. Through independent research and development system, it has carried out continuous innovation campaigns to provide the public with an energy-efficient, healthy and comfortable artificial lighting environment. Products involved in commercial, construction, office, light source appliances, home and other fields, especially commercial lighting has always maintained a leading position in the industry. On May 20, 2010, NVC Lighting was successfully listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, stock code: 02222.

In China, NVC has manufacturing bases in Guangdong, Chongqing, Zhejiang and Shanghai, and has established two research and development centers in Guangdong and Shanghai. 36 domestic operation centers and more than 2,000 brand stores constitute a complete customer service network. Globally, NVC has established operations in more than 30 countries and regions to develop an international marketing strategy.

As a professional lighting company, NVC’s lighting products and application solutions have been selected by many famous engineering and well-known brands, including the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, Tianjin Metro, Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed railway, Shanghai Hongqiao Transportation Hub and other famous projects. And become the supplier of lighting products for the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou.



The company was founded in 1975 and changed to a joint stock company in 1996. In July 2000, “Zhejiang yankon” A shares were listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and became the first private high-tech listed company in the domestic lighting industry. The company has more than 4,000 employees, more than 1,250 professional and technical personnel, and total assets of 3 billion yuan.

The main products and production scale are: annual output of 300 million integrated electronic lights, compact rare earth energy-saving fluorescent lights 350 million, T5 straight tube high-power energy-saving fluorescent lights and supporting lights 12 million sets, T5 lights 20 million, outdoor lights And 200,000 sets of LED supporting lights, is considered to be one of the leading athletes in China’s lighting industry, and one of the major domestic energy-saving light production and export bases.

The products have obtained more than 50 international standards such as UL, FCC, European VDE, CE, GS, TUV, Canadian CSA, Nordic Five, etc., and have passed ISO9001 Quality Assurance System Certification and ISO14001 Environmental System Certification in China’s electric light source industry. And national energy certification.

In 2001, Sunshine and Philips Lighting joined forces to form a joint venture company to jointly research and develop energy-saving lighting products. In 2002, it established a joint venture with Korea Biluth Co., Ltd. Established sales centers in Europe and the United States, established production bases in Vietnam and India, and committed to sales of private labels.



Panasonic Corporation of China, the world’s top 500, Japan’s famous brand, China’s well-known trademark, Japan’s famous electronic product manufacturer, world-renowned international comprehensive electronic technology enterprise group.

Panasonic Chinese “Panasonic” was founded by Panasonic Corporation of Japan from Konosuke Matsushita in 1918; the development of brand products involves many fields such as home appliances, digital audio-visual electronics, office products, aviation, etc.; and the accumulation of Panasonic marketing culture has made the company’s brand leap Into the “World Top 500” list.

Panasonic Corporation is a multinational company with more than 230 companies worldwide and more than 290,493 employees. Among them, there are more than 54,000 people in China. In 2001, the total sales volume was more than 61 billion US dollars, ranking 26th among the world’s top 500 manufacturing companies.



Guangdong PAK Corporation Co., Ltd. was established in 1991, from the development of the first electronic rectifier to the full range of energy-efficient products; from traditional product manufacturers to service providers who provide total lighting solutions, Sanxiong • Aurora has been Committed to building a leading brand in the industry. Over the years, PAK Corporation products have won the title of China’s famous brand products and national inspection-free products, and passed the energy-saving certification, ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system certification, 3C certification, national fire certification, EMC certification, CE, VDE, TUV certification and ISO9001 international quality. System Certification.

The company has set up offices in more than 50 large and medium-sized cities across the country. In 2008, the products were widely applied to 15 Olympic venues such as the National Stadium (Bird’s Nest) and the National Convention Center.



TCL Corporation, China’s well-known trademark, China’s leading consumer electronics brand, one of the industry’s most influential brands, one of China’s largest and globally-scale consumer electronics groups.

TCL brand products include TV, communication, air conditioning, refrigerators, washing machines, small appliances, digital audio and video, lighting tools, security, accessories and so on.

In 2011, TCL’s global operating income was 60.834 billion yuan, and more than 60,000 employees were located in many countries and regions such as Asia, America, Europe, Oceania, etc., and it has sales organizations in more than 40 countries and regions around the world. The main industry of TCL Group is China, the United States, France, Singapore and other countries have R&D headquarters and more than a dozen R&D branches. It has nearly 20 manufacturing and processing bases in China, Poland, Mexico, Thailand and Vietnam.

The above is the top 10 LED lighting companies in China.