What factors cannot be ignored in the manufacture of LED lights

LED lights have excellent performance and long service life, and are widely used in many fields, and have made great contributions to the urban lighting project and played a huge role. Then, the good performance of the LED light is guaranteed and played. Some factors must not be neglected during its use, mainly in the following aspects.

Which factors can not be ignored in the use of LED lights

Different power supply methods

In order to reduce the cost, many LED lighting manufacturers use the power supply mode of RC and buck, which affects the life of LED products. When we choose to use it, it is better to use LED lights with a dedicated switching power supply for power supply. Although the cost is high, it also avoids the trouble caused by frequent damage.

Pay attention to anti-static measures

The most anti-static measures in the production of LED lights need to pay attention to, for example, manufacturers to develop special work regulations, workers must wear uniform overalls, anti-static rings, anti-static gloves, etc., to ensure the wetness of the working environment, can also Install an anti-static ion fan to effectively avoid the harm caused by static electricity to the LED and improve work efficiency. In addition, the higher-grade lights have higher antistatic performance than ordinary LED lights.

Pay attention to the influence of temperature

The increase of temperature will cause the internal resistance of the LED light source to become smaller, and the regulated power supply will increase its working current. When the rated current is exceeded, the quality of the LED will be affected, and even the LED light will be burned out. Therefore, it is better to use a constant current source for power supply during use to prevent the LED lights from being affected by temperature.

Pay attention to waterproof issues

Regardless of whether it is LED solar street light or LED flood light, as long as it is used outdoors, it is necessary to pay attention to the handling of waterproof problems and to seal and prevent moisture. If the waterproof problem is not taken seriously, it will be LED. The use of luminaires has a more serious impact.

The above problems are all problems that cannot be ignored in the production and use of LED lights. Everyone pays attention to the above problems and will surely ensure the use of LED lights.