How to choose LED track lights

The LED energy-saving track light is a track light with LED as the light source. Alias: LED track light. It is a kind of track light, widely used in shopping malls (cosmetics, shoe bags, clothing and other brand stores), car display, jewelry, star hotels, brand clothing, high-end clubs, blogs, supermarkets, chain stores, brands The key lighting places such as business halls, professional windows and counters are the ideal light source to replace traditional tungsten halogen lamps and replace metal halide lamps. With the continuous development of electronic technology, new styles on the market emerge in an endless stream, with different shapes and flexibility.

How to choose LED track lights

LED track light features

  • High-quality aluminum casing, better heat dissipation, less light decay and longer life;
  • brand LED cold light source, no radiation, no heavy metal pollution, excellent performance, pure color, rich, high brightness, high-efficiency optical lens, light loss, good illumination;
  • high-power transformers, so that the lamps, electrical appliances, light sources are perfectly combined;
  • light and simple, streamlined design, beautiful and easy to install and replace;
  • energy-saving and durable (power consumption is only 1/10 of ordinary white light, life can be extended by more than 100 times). Ordinary 70W gold halide, now production is reduced from 70W to 10W;
  • the shell is resistant to heat, long-term use is safer than traditional halogen lamps;
  • wide voltage constant current circuit, no stroboscopic, stable and reliable performance;
  • dust, insect proof, not easy to deform, the angle of illumination is 15 °;
  • can be directly installed lighting. The color rendering number is high, and the color rendering index R is generally around 80.

LED features

  • Power saving: We reduce the traditional 70W to 10W without diminishing the light;
  • light: focus, focus on an item, the effect is outstanding. Natural light, no glare, changing the lamp beads can change the projection;
  • environmental protection: green light source, non-toxic, harmless, pollution-free, mercury-free elements;

LED track light introduction

  • The led track light is a new LED lamp designed for commercial lighting and merchandise display. The new track adjustable design, LED light source, pure spectrum, rich colors, environmental protection and energy saving; aluminum alloy casing, light and simple, beautiful and generous;
  • Optional power: 10W, 15W, 20W, 30W, 35W;
  • Available colors: white silver black;
  • Silver application: Can be mounted on rails or mounted directly to ceilings or walls. Can solve the basics;
  • led track light application range: widely used in shopping malls, clothing, jewelry, hotels, hotels, halls, clubs, villas, kitchen windows and other places of lighting and decoration;
  • When you walk into those clothing stores, department stores, and jewelry stores, most of the lights you see are light sources emitted by LED track lights. Maybe you will mistake the traditional metal halide lamps. Yes, metal halide lamps. If you don’t look carefully, it will be mistaken for a metal halide lamp, not an LED track light;
  • The LED track light replaces the metal halide lamp because it can save more than 70% of the metal halide lamp, which can effectively reduce the operating cost, less damage to the irradiated material, and meet the perfect requirements for the commercial field.

LED track light production process

  • Cleaning: Ultrasonic cleaning of PCB or LED bracket and drying;
  • Mounting: After the silver electrode is placed on the bottom electrode of the LED die (large wafer), the expansion is performed, and the expanded die (large wafer) is placed on the thorn crystal table, and the die is pressed with a stylus under the microscope. One by one installed on the PCB or LED bracket corresponding;
  • Pressure welding: The electrode is connected to the LED die by an aluminum wire or gold wire welding machine for the current injection lead. The LED is directly mounted on the PCB, and an aluminum wire welder is generally used;
  • Packaging: through the dispensing, with epoxy to protect the LED die and wire. Dispensing on the PCB, the curing is directly related to the brightness of the backlight product. This process will also take on the task of a point phosphor (white LED);
  • Soldering: If the backlight is an SMD-LED or other packaged LED, the LED needs to be soldered to the PCB before the assembly process;
  • Film cutting: Various diffusion films, reflective films, etc. required for backlighting by punching;
  • Assembly: According to the drawings, the various materials of the backlight are manually installed in the correct position;
  • Test: Check whether the photoelectric parameters of the backlight and the uniformity of light output are good;
  • Packing: Pack the finished product as required and label it;
  • Warehousing: rooted in the packaged finished products, the roots are marked, placed in separate categories into the library, ready for shipment.

LED track light maintenance method

  •  When the led track light fixtures are used, do not switch frequently. Because the lamps are frequently started, the filaments are heated up sharply by the filaments to accelerate the sublimation, which will greatly reduce the switch of the led track light fixtures;
  • During cleaning and maintenance, care should be taken not to change the structure of the luminaire. Some components inside the led track light luminaire should be installed as they are after cleaning and maintenance. Do not mislead or leak the luminaire components;
  • According to the light source parameters provided by the sign, replace the aging lamp in time, and find that the lamp ends are red, the lamp is black or there is black shadow, and the lamp is not bright, the lamp of the LED track light should be replaced in time to prevent Unsafe phenomena such as ballast burnout occur.