//LED flood light application field introduction

LED flood light application field introduction

LED flood light application field introduction

The LED floodlights are brightly colored, soft in the light, long in life, and recognized by people. They are widely used in various fields. Here is a brief introduction to the application fields of LED floodlights.

  1. Landscape lighting. LED floodlights, unlike traditional luminaires, are mostly glass bulbs. They can be combined with urban streets and can be illuminated in urban leisure spaces such as stairs, parks, and paths. For flowers or low shrubs, LEDs can be used as a light source for illumination.
  1. Indoor space display lighting. As far as the quality of the lighting is concerned, since the LED floodlight has no heat, ultraviolet, and infrared radiation, it does not cause any damage to the exhibit or the product and does not require an additional filter device. The lighting system is simple, inexpensive, and easy to install. Generally, commercial lighting will choose colored LED floodlights, and indoor decorative white LEDs combined with interior decoration for indoor auxiliary lighting.
  1. Architectural exterior lighting. The light source of LED floodlights is small and thin, and the development of linear projection lamps has become a highlight of LED floodlights. It is easy to install, can be installed horizontally or vertically, and is better integrated with the building, creating a creative space for lighting designers.
  1. Lighting of entertainment venues. Due to the dynamic, digitally controlled color, brightness and dimming of LED floodlights, lively saturated colors create static and dynamic lighting effects, from white light to any color in the full spectrum, the use of LEDs in the illumination of such spaces Opened a new idea. It also reduces maintenance costs and frequency of lamp replacement.
  1. Indicative lighting. In places where space limitation and guidance are required, LED floodlights are used for self-illuminating buried lights or for lamps embedded in vertical walls. Moreover, since the LED flood light is low-pressure, there is no fragile glass, and the cost is not increased due to bending during production.

LED floodlights are not only used in these fields but also have a wider range of applications. For more professional knowledge, please contact Jinan Huaqing Photoelectric Lighting Factory.

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