UFO LED High Bay Light. Dimmable.

Ideal for large installations where lighting needs change and don’t always require a complete shutdown, high bay LED lights are a perfect choice if you want to illuminate a large indoor area.

Streamlined heat dissipation design of the high bay light ensure excellent lamp quality, can achieve a long service life of 30,000 hours, can effectively save hundreds of dollars in maintenance costs, and are the best choice for industrial production lighting.

High bay light project
High quality Solar light

LED Solar Street Light. Energy Saving.

A high performance and sustainable road lighting solution that is the perfect alternative to traditional public street lighting.

Compared with traditional street lights, it is easy to install and has a much longer service life than traditional electric street lights, so the cost of installation and maintenance is significantly reduced, and the use of solar street lights is more environmentally friendly and can save more than 90% of public electricity.


Quality LED Flood Light. COB or SMD.

The floodlights are made of high-quality materials and have excellent heat dissipation performance, which can effectively prolong the lifespan of the lamps.

According to customer requirements or different area, IP20, IP55 or modified waterproof lamps can be selected. A higher waterproof level can be used for a longer time in a high temperature and high humidity environment, and can be matched with different levels of light sources to meet quality requirements. High-quality customers can choose high-quality chips, such as “Osram”

led flood light
led panel lights

surface panel lamp or slim panel lamp.

Panel lights generally use ring-shaped SMD lamp beads, and the lamp beads are attached to the face ring, which can effectively dissipate heat, and the light-emitting area is more uniform.

We can design different size led panel lamp,it can also be made into a concealed or exposed installation according to the actual use requirements of the project.


LED Downlight Solutions.

The application place of downlight > Large offices, conference rooms, department stores and specialty stores, laboratories, airports and some civilian residences.

Using downlights as lamps is easy to install, does not take up space, is generous and durable, and is usually used for more than five years without problems, and the style is not easy to change. The price is also cheap. The angle of the customized beam can be designed according to different commercial needs or residential engineering needs.

Downlights Project
LED track light project

Track Lights. commercial and residential use.

Track Lighting offers highly customizable and adaptable lighting solutions to suit a variety of commercial and residential uses.

Tracks can be arranged in any configuration or size you need, whether you need a linear run, T-shaped, U-shaped, I-shaped, S-shaped, square, circular or rectangular. It can be mounted on beams, on sloping or sloping ceilings that may not be suitable for pendant lights, or on vaulted ceilings to reduce light levels. Our track systems feature energy efficient LEDs, which offer cost advantages over traditional halogen or CFLs.


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